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Watercolor Balloon Bouquet
Birthday +
DP8873 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Wishes to You
Birthday +
DP6206 - Starting At: $0.59

Birthday Punch
Birthday +
DP8866 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Eclectics
Birthday +
DP8872 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Starlight
Birthday +
DP8870 - Starting At: $1.03

Shiny Balloon Party
Birthday +
DP8909 - Starting At: $1.03

The Secret Gift
Birthday +
DP8834 - Starting At: $1.03

The Artist's Gifts
Birthday +
DP8874 - Starting At: $1.03

The Birthday Cupcake
Birthday +
DP8879 - Starting At: $1.03

Patterned Flames
Birthday +
DP8884 - Starting At: $1.03

Cupcake Years
Birthday +
DP7930 - Starting At: $0.59

Birthday Floats
Birthday +
DP8483 - Starting At: $1.03

Particolored Balloons
Birthday +
DP8821 - Starting At: $1.03

Fashionable Candles
Birthday +
NEW!  C9104 - Starting At: $2.06

The Cupcake Scale
Birthday +
DP8943 - Starting At: $1.03

Neon Surprise
Birthday +
DP8931 - Starting At: $1.03

Sparkling Cupcake Platter
Birthday +
DP8008 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Prescription
Birthday +
DP8959 - Starting At: $1.03

The Jeweled Balloons
Birthday +
DP8876 - Starting At: $1.03

So Money
Birthday +
DP8902 - Starting At: $1.03

Chromatic Candles
Birthday +
DF7303 - Starting At: $1.88

Balloon Town
Birthday +
DP8572 - Starting At: $1.03

Bright Balloons
Birthday +
DP8939 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Rhythm
Birthday +
DP8868 - Starting At: $1.03

Balloon Art
Birthday +
DP8869 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Decree
Birthday +
DP8957 - Starting At: $1.03

Happy Pets
Birthday +
DP8951 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Extravaganza
Birthday +
DF7304 - Starting At: $1.88

Present Gems
Birthday +
C9078 - Starting At: $2.47

Gifts in Hand
Birthday +
DP8941 - Starting At: $1.03

Confetti Bash
Birthday +
C9071 - Starting At: $2.27

Birthday Illuminations
Birthday +
C9067 - Starting At: $2.47

Big Birthday Build
Birthday +
DP8929 - Starting At: $1.03

The Gilded Balloon
Birthday +
C9070 - Starting At: $2.27

Birthday Star Trail
Birthday +
DP8865 - Starting At: $1.03

Midnight Birthday Wish
Birthday +
DP8863 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Business Blooming
Birthday +
DP8934 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Beats
Birthday +
DP8940 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Brush
Birthday +
DP8945 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday +
C9069 - Starting At: $2.27

Birthday Insurance
Birthday +
DP8942 - Starting At: $1.03

Happy Birthday Construction
Birthday +
DP8932 - Starting At: $1.03

Blue Birthday Car
Birthday +
DP8933 - Starting At: $1.03

Golden Birthday Tooth
Birthday +
DP8936 - Starting At: $1.03

Perfect Birthday Smiles
Birthday +
DP8937 - Starting At: $1.03

Birthday Interlace
Birthday +
C9077 - Starting At: $2.47

A Touch of Confetti
Birthday +
C9074 - Starting At: $2.27

Gold Birthday Tooth
Birthday +
DP8935 - Starting At: $1.03

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Products Per Page
12 | 
24 | 48 | 96
600 Products Total

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Birthday Cards for Employees

Build strong office relationships with business birthday cards. Giving birthday cards may seem like a small gesture, but remembering employee birthdays shows and generates respect. If you are an employer or ordering on behalf of your employer choose business birthday cards that are representative of your company culture then add your logo, a custom message, your digital signature, and even photographs to the card.

For Your Customers

You can generate stronger relationships with your company’s customers using business birthday cards. This warm sign of respect is not only classy but acts as a strong business marketing tool, especially when you add customizations to the card that distinguish your brand. Branded business birthday cards are a great way to say hello to your current customers, spark connections with new ones, and maintain long relationships, while celebrating everyone’s special day.

Personalized Birthday Cards

Instead of purchasing impersonal boxed birthday greeting cards to use for your business, create personalized birthday cards for your customers or employees. Add distinct details and heartfelt messages then purchase these custom business birthday cards in large quantities to send throughout the year. If you choose a universal message, you can send the same birthday greeting to many people while still illustrating the additional effort you put in. Forget impersonal emails, texts, ecards, and even store-bought greetings; a customized business birthday card really is the better choice as it shows the human side to you and your industry.

Professional Designs and Themes

Our professional birthday card design themes range from:

  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Rustic
  • Foil
  • Embossed
  • Die cut
  • Animals
  • Streamers
  • Banners
  • Gifts
  • Cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Ice cream cones
  • Candles
  • Balloons

We also offer funny business birthday cards to brighten the occasion.

Design Your Own

Add your details and personalizations to any of our birthday card templates or choose from our blank design-your-own templates. With our easy to use digital customization tools you can add graphics, select from multiple fonts, include a company photo, upload your company signatures, and (of course) your logo.

Buy in Bulk

Purchasing professional birthday cards in bulk can lower your order amount substantially. While cheap business birthday cards can often mean inferior quality, our discount business birthday cards and bulk business birthday cards are highly rated and will offer wholesale prices as your quantity increases. We have lots of sizes and paper stocks to choose from. To see pricing for all possible combinations, take a look at one of our most popular birthday designs.

Birthday Postcards

Almost all of our professional birthday cards are available as postcards so feel free to skip the envelope, save some time and money!

Free Samples

Looking for sample birthday cards? We will provide free samples for our business birthday cards so you can try before you buy! If you need more than the allotted free samples online, talk to our customer service or sales team – they are happy to help!

What our customers are saying...
Will use again!!!
This is the second year I designed my our Holiday greeting card. It is easy, the quality is super and the shipping was fast. I will use Brookhollow again next year.
December 18,2019
I love the color and quality of the cards. I had originally received the wrong colored foiled envelopes. But Brookhollow was quick to send me the correct envelopes. I definitely plan to continue my service with you. Thank you!
March 24,2020
These cards are nice, but I don't like the glossy finish inside. And they are too expensive. It is only paper.
January 18,2020
Card was larger and better quality than expected!
This was our first time ordering personalized cards for our clients and the experience thus far has been great! Fast shipping and good quality lead me to believe we will be reordering again soon!
September 02,2020
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