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Products Per Page
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22 Products Total
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Welcome Cards

Make someone feel truly welcome with real welcome greeting cards.

When a new employee joins your team, you will want to send welcoming wishes. Personal words of encouragement help employees to get excited about the role and will ensure a longstanding and profitable relationship. While the official hiring process is usually done in person, you will also want to give a professional letter on their first day. If your company has several branches and you cannot be there to officially hand out this letter you may feel compelled to send an email or ecard. There’s nothing wrong with this, but may we suggest sending a welcome greeting card instead? Personalized welcome cards are classy and show the time and care you put into selecting something to commemorate your valued employee’s first day. New employees can hold onto welcome cards, display them at their desk or home, and use them as a reminder of this exciting next chapter of their lives.

Welcome to the team cards speak on behalf of a positive organization and help to form deeper bonds with new employees. You can customize your new employee welcome cards with your own message, add your company name and logo, upload team signatures, graphics, and even photographs. Use welcome to the team images by creating photo cards, like a great shot of you and your employees. This offers an extra-special message to new members of your company.

You can also choose welcome cards for customers, as they too come on board to become a valued part of your organization.

Welcome to your new home cards are another great way that you can utilize this genuine greeting. If you are a real estate agent, property manager, landlord, an apartment complex, or the previous owners of a home, choosing welcome greetings for a new owner’s first day is a nice way to show your hospitality.

Welcome Card Designs

We offer inexpensive welcome cards with beautiful designs and celebratory themes. Our welcome card templates include both classic and contemporary designs, colorful themes, outstanding fonts, and patterns, as well as graphics like banners and balloons. You can even create your own welcome cards with our blank design-your-own template and easy-to-use digital customization tools. You can also design welcome note cards and welcome postcards.

Welcome Card Messages

With your welcome cards for new employees you should include heartfelt welcome card messages; here are some excellent suggestions for your welcome card sayings:

  • It is with great pleasure that we welcome you into our family of satisfied customers.
  • We’re glad you’re with us!
  • Thank you for joining the team. We are so excited to have you onboard.
  • On behalf of our entire team, we joyfully welcome you as the newest member of this organization.
  • The next chapter of your life begins today. Welcome to your new home.
  • Welcome to a beautiful life in your new home.
  • You are the foundation of our success.

For beautiful cards that make a big difference, choose Brookhollow. It’s time to make your selections!

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I wasn't sure at first if I would like the colors, but it was great when I received them. They only thing that I didn't care for was that you had to fold them.
October 22,2019
You dropped the ball on the envelopes
More than happy with the easy design experience, as well as the very quick turnaround of both my orders .... However, I was only disappointed with the included envelopes of both my orders .... They were to have self sticking closures after removing the disposable strip, and yet there was virtually NO glue on any of the envelopes, and instead I had to run a strip of adhesive tape on every single envelope to make sure my invitations were properly sealed .... A bit disappointing ....
November 26,2019
Very nice cards !
These cards are really great, very nice cards and Brookhollow worked with me to customize it exactly how I wanted, which is awesome
July 11,2019
It was fast and easy.
November 18,2019
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