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Thoughtful Leaves
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Gold Field Thinking of You Card
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Flora Blue Thinking of You Card
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The Art of Missing You
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Bamboo Thinking of You Card
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Flowering Ripples Sympathy Card
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Thoughtful Rainbow
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We Are Here
DP9074 - Starting At: $1.03

Against the Wind
DP9088 - Starting At: $1.03

Just Because
DP9080 - Starting At: $1.03

Hang in There
DP9099 - Starting At: $1.03

DP9083 - Starting At: $1.03

You Got This
DP9084 - Starting At: $1.03

The Right Words
DP9075 - Starting At: $1.03

DP9081 - Starting At: $1.03

Grateful For You
DP9076 - Starting At: $1.03

Still Connected
DP9077 - Starting At: $1.03

Infinite Soul
DP9082 - Starting At: $1.03

hello sunshine!
DP9014 - Starting At: $1.03

Stay in Faith
DP9079 - Starting At: $1.03

Unstoppable Together
DP9073 - Starting At: $1.03

Forever There
DP9072 - Starting At: $1.03

Just Because...
DP3765 - Starting At: $1.03

Note of Hello
DP9041 - Starting At: $1.03

Stay Encouraged
DP9047 - Starting At: $1.03

Move Forward
DP9042 - Starting At: $1.03

Always Connected
DP9015 - Starting At: $1.03

Faith is Rewarded
DP9017 - Starting At: $1.03

Forever United
DP9025 - Starting At: $1.03

Flying with the Flock
DP9022 - Starting At: $1.03

A Home in God
DP9012 - Starting At: $1.03

Flowering Encouragement
DP7498 - Starting At: $1.03

Forever Adored
DP8034 - Starting At: $1.03

Lavender Mornings
DP7989 - Starting At: $1.03

Courage & Peace
DP7486 - Starting At: $1.03

Positive Directions
DP7418 - Starting At: $1.03

In My Thoughts
DP7173 - Starting At: $1.03

Silver Thinking Of You Card
DP1389 - Starting At: $1.03

Custom Greeting Card
DP1102 - Starting At: $0.59

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Products Per Page
12 | 
24 | 48 | 96
39 Products Total

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Inspirational Cards

Staying encouraged in tough times Is essential. One way to help is to send encouraging cards to those who need it. You can mail a support greeting card to your family and friends, pass out inspirational cards to employees or coworkers, and send just thinking of you cards to customers or clients. Motivational cards are also an excellent way to show how much your recipients’ success means to you.

Positive encouragement cards will improve morale. Bring inspirational greeting cards to events or get-togethers, and mail motivational greeting cards to stay connected and show your support.

At Brookhollow, we offer many encouraging greetings and inspirations greeting cards that are fully customizable. Our cards of encouragement support come with various product options – select from different paper types, sizes, envelopes, and more. We also provide stamping, addressing, and full-service mailing for your inspirational greetings.

For more information on our inspirational greeting cards, see below.

Encouragement Cards Designs

For the best greetings of encouragement, order from Brookhollow. Each motivational card features a unique encourage card design and motivation card message.

We offer encouragement cards that include:

  • Cute encouragement
  • Encouragement humor
  • Encouraging cards for friends
  • Encouragement cards for family
  • Encouragement cards for students
  • Encouragement cards for him
  • Encouragement cards for her
  • Encouragement cards for customers
  • Encouragement cards for employees
  • Encouragement cards for coworkers

Other uplifting cards options include:

  • Thinking of you greeting cards
  • Inspirational quotes cards
  • Support cards
  • Motivation cards
  • Cheer up cards
  • Stay strong cards
  • Religious cards
  • And more.

You can even create your own inspirational greeting card by using one of our blank templates.


  • Inspirational quote cards
  • Funny cheer up cards
  • Cards of encouragement for a friend, family member, or colleague

Inspirational Card Customizations

Add customizations to your motivational greeting card or inspirational quotes card.

Our encouragement card customizations include:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Messaging
  • Signatures
  • Graphics
  • Photographs
  • Logo
  • And more.

Choose an expertly-crafted motivational note, quote, or verse from our personalizer when designing an encouraging card. Make motivational quote cards with your own unique message too. Greeting cards with quotes or genuine messages, sent at a time when they are needed, will be appreciated for a long time to come.

Motivational Messages & Unique Quotes

Select your encouragement words for today!

Some types of encouragement that make great inspirational greeting card messages include “thinking of you” verses, weekly motivational messages, religious quotes, and uplifting sayings for hard times.

Use a unique quote or message to provide love and encouragement for your motivational cards. Choose from an array of fonts and colors for your thinking about u messages too!

With inspirational greeting card messages and quotes you can provide encouragement to someone who needs it.

Add an encouragement expression or inspirational note to your encouragement card that says:

  • ‘I was thinking about you.’
  • Even when we’re apart...we are connected.
  • Life can be tough, but you're tougher.
  • You’ve got this!
  • You’re awesome!
  • The world is a beautiful place because you’re in it!
  • “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13 (NIV)
  • “We cannot control the direction of the winds, but we can always adjust our sails.” Jimmy Dean
  • You’re a tough cookie!
  • Stay encouraged!
  • Just a note to say I am thinking of you.

Inspirational quote greeting cards will show you care in a special way. Greeting card quotes and messages send encouragement thoughts for the day, month, or year to recipients from all backgrounds and walks of life. Get your most vital relationships through times of hardship, and show pride in their budding accomplishments, with the best support greeting cards messages.

Motivational Product Options

Our exclusive Brookhollow inspirational greetings cards come in different paper types and sizes.

Paper Types

Motivation greeting card paper types include:

  • 110 lb. Value satin finish
  • 130 lb. Satin finish
  • 110 lb. Uncoated matte
  • 130 lb. High gloss finish
  • 90 lb. Textured linen
  • 100 lb. Textured felt
  • 110 lb. Ice pearl metallic


Our inspirational greeting card sizes include:

  • Junior (small)
  • Standard (medium/standard)
  • Signature (large)


Encouragement greeting cards come with folds that include:

  • Vertical fold
  • Horizontal fold
  • No-fold (postcard)


Choose traditional gummed envelopes or sanitary peel and seal envelopes for your encouragement cards.

Envelope options for encourage cards include:

  • Heavy white vellum
  • White – red lined
  • White – silver lined
  • White – gold lined
  • Brown kraft recycled
  • White – pearl lined
  • Ice pearl metallic

Inspirational Greeting Cards Wholesale

Be prepared throughout the year by ordering your encouragement greeting cards in bulk. Our pack of inspirational cards comes in small or large quantities, but we recommend increasing your quantity for the best discount on all Brookhollow products. The more motivational greetings you order, the more you save!

Free Encouragement Card Samples

Try our inspiring cards before you buy – select free thinking of you cards samples. Our printable thinking of you cards, encouragement cards, and inspirational greeting cards are created at our topnotch facilities and sent straight to your door for review. Select up to three of our free printable thinking of you cards samples online. For additional free printable encouragement cards samples, talk to our customer service and sales team; they are always willing to help.

Encouragement Ecards Vs. Inspirational Greeting Cards

Free encouragement ecards are a quick way to send your support to others, but lack the personal appeal of our paper motivational greetings. You can find free inspirational ecards, motivation ecards, and supportive ecards online. However, our economical inspirational cards offer endless customizations with exclusive designs that adhere to Brookhollow’s unrivaled standards of quality. An inspirational card from Brookhollow is the perfect way to stay connected and grow your professional and personal relationships.

Order Inspiration Cards Today!

Make the best inspiring cards for encouragement at Brookhollow. You can also create weekly motivational messages for yourself and others to carry on quote note cards or motivational pocket cards.

For a great way to send thinking of you hugs to someone special, order your inspirational quotes greeting cards from Brookhollow today!

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